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Your Support Brings Fresh Produce to Plates

Gayla smiles as NJROTC volunteers pack groceries into cars. She was one of hundreds of neighbors to pick up fresh produce at our distribution. Hundreds of neighbors waited patiently in the car line outside of our Augusta warehouse. Our Food Bank had just received a large shipment of fresh produce, and teams of JROTC students joined alongside our staff to pack trunks full of groceries. For Gayla, the distribution was a huge help. Like many of our neighbors, she has been experiencing lower SNAP benefits and inflated food prices at the grocery store. “It’s going to help [...]

Your Support Brings Fresh Produce to Plates2024-01-04T18:30:19+00:00

Join Us in Our New Volunteer Center

Volunteers from Nutrien helped sort and package tomatoes to be distributed directly to families. After a few years of planning and executing, we are finally welcoming in our community members to join alongside us at our new Volunteer Center! Thank you for being patient as we expanded our facilities to better serve our neighbors in need. The new space allows us to increase the number of people necessary to help advance our mission of feeding those in need. We can now also better support our agency partners, who stand on the frontlines of combating food insecurity across [...]

Join Us in Our New Volunteer Center2024-01-12T13:43:55+00:00

Equity Residential Gives Back

Every November, employees of Equity Residential, a multi-family real estate investment trust, unite for their Community Giving Month. Locally, the accounting office dedicates their time to volunteering with Golden Harvest sorting and packing food items at our volunteer center, and preparing and serving meals at The Master’s Table soup kitchen. Over the past few years, the organization has focused on issues surrounding food insecurity, and have spent 200 hours during the month supporting Golden Harvest’s efforts of ending hunger in its service area. “No matter where you volunteer or what method you volunteer with Golden Harvest, I definitely feel [...]

Equity Residential Gives Back2024-01-04T17:20:14+00:00

Augusta Food Pantry Expands into New Space

Project Life staff and volunteers gather in the clothing sorting area, where donated clothes are processed. The organization serves guests 3 days a week. Project Life, an organization that has provided hope to thousands of neighbors since 1997, has moved into a new space: a former car dealership, complete with a thriving food pantry and clothing closet. The new facility provides more space for the food pantry and behind-the-scenes operations, allowing Project Life volunteers to serve more guests. “We continued to see more and more people each week, each year, and we just felt it was time [...]

Augusta Food Pantry Expands into New Space2024-01-04T16:59:13+00:00

Veteran Wins Volunteer of the Year Award

Whether sorting and packing groceries at the Faith Food Factory or serving lunch at The Master’s Table soup kitchen, for 10 years, dedicated volunteer Alvin Williams has been working hard to put food on the table for our neighbors in need. “I’m from a very poor family in New York, and we never had much,” he said. “But God took my family and I all over the world, and it was time for me to give back.” Mr. Williams is a team player and is always willing to take on any task necessary to help get the job done. [...]

Veteran Wins Volunteer of the Year Award2023-08-30T13:43:54+00:00

Rural Georgia Food Pantry Meets Rising Need

Gloria Simmons, food pantry manager at Hancock Helping Hands, is dedicated to helping her neighbors in Sparta, GA. Bustling with volunteers packing food boxes, greeting guests in line, and loading cars with groceries, Hancock Helping Hands has been helping neighbors in Sparta, GA, for over 28 years. Food pantry manager Gloria Simmons said the organization has been serving an unprecedented number of families lately, with about 600 visitors per month. “In the last few years, it has grown tremendously,” said Gloria. With just one small IGA in town, access to healthy meals is a challenge for many Sparta [...]

Rural Georgia Food Pantry Meets Rising Need2023-08-31T14:33:51+00:00

GHFB Advocates for Food Support

Golden Harvest Food Bank staff alongside local and state elected officials during Feeding The Future roundtable discussion. At a time when the number of people visiting Golden Harvest Food Bank for food resources continues to rise, elected officials are drafting legislation to govern the food programs that we use to help feed our neighbors. Every five years, Congress reauthorizes the farm bill, the centerpiece of federal legislation that provides healthy, nutritious food for those across the country facing food insecurity. Programs that the Food Bank depends on to help alleviate hunger in our community, like SNAP (Supplemental [...]

GHFB Advocates for Food Support2023-08-30T13:49:43+00:00

Your Support Counts for Local Families

Colton volunteers alongside his parents, Hannah and Danny, as well as his siblings at Unity Outreach. The cost of a trip to the grocery store has skyrocketed in the last year, and local families are feeling the impact. At the Unity Outreach Church Food Pantry, Hannah, Danny, and their children have taken home much-appreciated fresh and nonperishable items for their kitchen. “It’s helped us out a lot. We have a family of 10, and so with groceries as high as they are, it’s definitely helped us out tremendously,” said Hannah. The food pantry at Unity Outreach hosts [...]

Your Support Counts for Local Families2023-08-30T13:47:06+00:00

You Help Mary With Nutritious Meals

When Mary comes to The Master's Table, she feels like she's visiting a big family. "I love to cook, but it's no fun eating by yourself," she said. "They know me here, and that's what I like about it." Mary heard about The Master's Table from a friend about three years ago, and she has enjoyed visiting with our friendly staff members and receiving a nutritious meal ever since. "The food is good, the people are kind and courteous. I like the surroundings, I like the people, and I truly look forward to it," she said. [...]

You Help Mary With Nutritious Meals2023-01-23T18:40:55+00:00

Larry Finds a Warm Welcome

Larry visits The Master's Table for lunch with his service dog, Lady Haley. Larry's service dog, Lady Haley, waited for him patiently in the courtyard while he enjoyed a hearty lunch of chili over rice. After visiting The Master's Table for the last few weeks, he said it's his favorite meal at the community kitchen so far. "The food is awesome, and I'm grateful to have it," he said. Times have been difficult for Larry. Having been homeless on-and-off for years, he recently moved to Augusta, where he found The Master's Table. Here, he has been able [...]

Larry Finds a Warm Welcome2023-01-23T18:42:56+00:00