Senior Food Box Program

Many seniors in our area endure hunger in silence.

After working their whole lives, many are now unable to work in the wake of a disability or chronic medical issue. Some find themselves alone and vulnerable, faced with the choice between buying enough to eat or paying for medical care. Others are still working to support their families but unable to make ends meet.

The Senior Food Box program provides senior adults in need with a monthly box of nutritious, meal-ready groceries. Golden Harvest works in partnership with housing authorities and other partners to distribute Senior Food Boxes to seniors in need at central locations where seniors have easy access.

Thank you for your interest in our Senior Feeding Programs! Please take a moment to review the requirements for partnering with us to provide a Senior Feeding Program:

  • Your program must have an individual willing to act as a site coordinator.

  • Your site must have adequate storage space for food.

  • Your site must complete mandatory training provided by Golden Harvest Food Bank.

Change the life of a senior in need by donating to support our senior feeding programs.

Together, we can provide at-risk senior adults with the nutrition they need to thrive.


Make An Impact

Together we make a tangible and lasting impact for children, families and seniors who are struggling in our region. Your support today will fill more plates with food–and hearts with hope.


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