You Help Neighbors Receive Fresh Foods

(l-r) Frieda and Bobby share how receiving nutritious food helps maintain their health at the SmartBox food pantry in Fairfax, South Carolina. Thanks to you, the food pantry recently received 2 3-door freezers to help store and distribute more fresh foods. At the SmartBox Mobile Market distribution, cars stretch down the street as community members line up to receive food. What you don’t realize at first is how long the line is. If you had a bird’s eye view, you’d see the line of cars snake around the block, down an alleyway, across a parking lot and [...]

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Community Partner Reopening Provides Crucial Services

A guest enjoys her meal at the newly reopened Augusta Dream Center Diner. The Center’s reopening means it can provide in-person dining again, as well as crucial wraparound services like its clothes closet. At 5 p.m., Marlin straightens the tabletop menu and a bottle of hand sanitizer, then he walks to the Augusta Dream Center’s front door to begin letting in guests. It’s time for Sunday dinner. In the gym, 10 tables are set up with 4 places each so that guests can practice social distancing. Plates of food, drinks and condiments will be rolled over to [...]

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Partnering For Largest-Ever Distributions

Lisa, Avant and their dog Ajax wait in line to receive food help. Avant is a retired veteran and Lisa has neurosarcoidosis and is unable to work. They received a box of shelf-stable food plus fresh produce and frozen meat at a Golden Harvest Food Bank ‘Mega’ Mobile Market. Fortina worked as a first-grade teacher before serving in the healthcare system as a nurse for 20 years. She never thought she’d find herself seeking food assistance. But now that she’s a senior citizen on a fixed income, it’s hard to make ends meet. “I’m not out of [...]

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Our Community Scares Away Hunger In Record-Breaking Year

The It’s Spooky to Be Hungry® campaign broke all records this year, collecting more than 35,000 pounds of food and raising enough funds for almost 692,000 meals -- all thanks to our community. October 2020 marked the 28th year for Golden Harvest’s annual It’s Spooky To Be Hungry® campaign, and it turned out to be a year like no other. It’s Spooky To Be Hungry® is one of the oldest grassroots food and funds drives in the country, but like so many things in 2020, it had to be re-imagined to help keep our community safe. That [...]

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