Golden Harvest Food Bank Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and Security

The information that Golden Harvest Food Bank gathers through use of its web site and other communications tools is used solely to respond to inquiries, record and acknowledge contributions, and inform correspondents of Golden Harvest Food Bank activities. If you have questions about this, please contact Deb Hamilton, Donor Relations Manager at 706-736-1199, or email at

Policy and Practice

It is the policy and practice of Golden Harvest Food Bank to never sell, rent, exchange or in any other way provide correspondent or donor information to other charitable or commercial entities, except as is required to accomplish Golden Harvest Food Bank’s functions. Vendors that have temporary access to correspondent and donor information are expressly forbidden to copy, use or transfer any information provided by Golden Harvest Food Bank for any reason to any source.

Privacy Information

It is our desire to ensure complete security while transferring potentially sensitive and private information from your web browser to the Golden Harvest Food Bank’s computer system. For donations made through Paypal (our online partner for general donations and the Virtual Food Drive), all financial information is encrypted and donations are secured Internet transactions. For more information on Paypal’s privacy policy, go to