Health and Nutrition

Access to nutritious food is critical for overall health and preventing conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Golden Harvest Food Bank is working to help families improve their health outcomes by:

  • Distributing a nutritious mix of culturally preferred foods;

  • Supporting partner organizations in promoting healthy food choices; and

  • Forging health partnerships to connect people to other resources.

Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) is designed to promote the donation and selection of nutritious foods throughout the charitable food system.

The program is based on the theory that categorizing food using simple, intuitive labels and communicating this information at each decision point while food travels through the system (donor, food bank, food pantry, & client) has the potential to transform the policy, systems, and environment of food banks and food pantries.

SWAP consists of a suite of tools for food banks and food pantries to rank their inventory using a traffic light nutrition system. SWAP aligns with the Healthy Eating Research (HER) Nutrition Guidelines for the Charitable Food System.

These guidelines place foods into 11 categories and assign green=choose often; yellow=choose sometimes; and red=choose rarely based on levels of saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars. SWAP can be used as an intervention in multiple levels of the charitable food system to promote food justice and health equity. 

We believe that informed choices lead to healthier lives. Therefore, we use SWAP to provide nutrition rankings of food inventory to enable partner agencies to make informed selections for their guests.

For questions regarding SWAP or our Health & Nutrition initiatives, contact Anna Logan, Health & Nutrition Manager at

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