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2301, 2023

You Help Mary With Nutritious Meals

When Mary comes to The Master's Table, she feels like she's visiting a big family. "I love to cook, but it's no fun eating by yourself," she said. "They know me here, and that's what I like about it." Mary heard about The Master's Table from a friend about three years ago, and she has enjoyed visiting with our friendly staff members and receiving a nutritious meal ever since. "The food is good, the people are kind and courteous. I like the surroundings, I like the people, and I truly look forward to it," she said. [...]

2101, 2023

Larry Finds a Warm Welcome

Larry visits The Master's Table for lunch with his service dog, Lady Haley. Larry's service dog, Lady Haley, waited for him patiently in the courtyard while he enjoyed a hearty lunch of chili over rice. After visiting The Master's Table for the last few weeks, he said it's his favorite meal at the community kitchen so far. "The food is awesome, and I'm grateful to have it," he said. Times have been difficult for Larry. Having been homeless on-and-off for years, he recently moved to Augusta, where he found The Master's Table. Here, he has been able [...]

2101, 2023

As Costs Rise, Rashetta Reaches Out

Rashetta visits the food pantry at Belle Terrace Presbyterian Church. The skyrocketing cost of a trip to the grocery store is hitting local families hard, and many of our neighbors are visiting our partner food pantries for the first time. Rashetta heard about the food pantry at Belle Terrace Presbyterian Church from a neighbor. With grandchildren to feed and inflated prices putting essential food items out of reach, she decided to give the program a try. “This place really does help,” she said. “The food I got from the pantry will last us about three or four [...]

2101, 2023

Free Groceries Help Rigoberto Make Ends Meet

Rigoberto waits outside Faith Outreach Church to receive groceries, including nutritious staples like milk, meat, and vegetables. Rigoberto waited outside as volunteers prepared carts full of groceries. It was a busy morning at Faith Outreach Church, which provides food and clothing to the Hephzibah community every Tuesday. With the cost of food surging higher, many families are struggling to put food on the table. “I just hope it gets to where we can deal with it, especially us folks on a fixed income,” said Rigoberto. He heard about the pantry from the VA. Since then, he has [...]

2101, 2023

Tina Finds Help at the Augusta Dream Center

Tina picks up groceries at the Augusta Dream Center Every Tuesday, guests gather inside the Augusta Dream Center to visit the Dream Pantry and Dream Closet, where they can pick up groceries and clothing. Everyone at the Augusta Dream Center knows Tina, who has been visiting the resource center for over three years. "They help me out with more than just food or clothes," she said. "They have love, they have prayer, and I just appreciate all of them." With a daughter who loves to cook, Tina has enjoyed lots of healthy meals with the help of [...]

601, 2023

Food Lion Feeds Gives S.C. Pantry a Fresh New Look

Karla pushes a shopping cart full of fresh and non-perishable groceries. On a sunny fall morning, Karla and Lilliana visited Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Center in Gloverville, S.C. to pick up groceries and a fresh produce box. "The fresh fruits and vegetables are the best," said Karla. Lilliana added that she plans to make healthy smoothies with the produce. Like many families in our community, Karla and Lilliana have felt the impact of inflation at the gas station and the grocery store. Food pantries like Our Lady of the Valley are helping them keep quality [...]