About Us

We exist simply because people in our community struggle with meeting a basic human need—having enough to eat.

Founded in 1982, Golden Harvest Food Bank works to create a safety net of partner agencies, programs, and direct services to meet the needs of our neighbors who struggle with hunger across our 25-county service area. With a network of over 350 partner agencies and programs, we can get nutritious meals directly into the hands of those in need through agencies embedded in their communities.

We believe that everyone in our community should have enough nutritious food to live a happy, healthy life. We strive to increase access to healthy food and foster long-term stability for neighbors in need with the help of our donors, partners, and volunteers.

Our Mission is simple: To transform lives by feeding our hungry neighbors today and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.

Our Values


Our faith in Christ inspires us to live out Jesus’ teachings by feeding the hungry in our communities. This mission unites us with people of every creed in a movement of compassion, service and positive change.


We value the health of each person we encounter, and strive to provide safe, nourishing food to those we serve. We believe that healthy lives are not possible without healthy food, a healthy environment, and healthy communities, so we work to build all three to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.


We work with kindness, openness, and joyful generosity to meet the individual needs of each person we encounter. We serve all people without judgement in a spirit of compassion and sensitivity. We listen to the story and needs of each person so that they know they are seen, heard and valued in a world where they may often feel invisible.


We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person and treat all with justice, equity, and understanding. We honor the lives, ideas, concerns, and stories of those we serve to ensure they are treated with dignity in their time of need. We value our donors’ gifts and honor their intended purpose. We cherish our volunteers, and strive to ensure positive, impactful experiences each time they give their time to our cause.


We collaborate to change our community through strong relationships with individual community members, our partner agencies, community partners, businesses, and local government. Our shared mission of feeding the hungry drives us to be open, cooperative, and transparent to harness the power of a community in unison.

Our Vision: To eliminate hunger in our communities.

By 2030, Golden Harvest Food Bank will ensure access to enough nutritious food for people struggling with hunger and make meaningful progress towards ending hunger throughout our 25-county service territory in Georgia and South Carolina. We will do this in collaboration with our network of partner agencies and community leaders.

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