Donors like you help Cindy and her granddaughter, age 5, access the healthy food they need to thrive.

Cindy takes care of five people at home, including raising her 5-year-old granddaughter. She loves getting out in the community and meeting new people. But when her family began facing medical and financial challenges, Cindy had to find resources to feed her loved ones.

GAP Ministries, one of our partner agencies serving downtown Augusta, has helped Cindy get through a difficult time.

“My husband was diagnosed with cancer, and we went from a hefty income to literally nothing,” she said. “Someone had told me about GAP Ministries and told me what they could do to help my family and I.”

From her weekly visits to GAP Ministries, Cindy has taken home fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, nuts, canned and shelf-stable goods, and toiletries.

The groceries have helped Cindy put food on the table for her family, but the support she has found at GAP Ministries stretches far beyond a meal.

“If you’re crying, they’re going to put a smile on your face, or they’re going to give you that hug. They’re going to give you that push that you need at that moment,” she said.

Golden Harvest Food Bank partners with over 350 agencies and programs that put food directly into the hands of families in need. This network of non-profit organizations, church food pantries, community centers, and more makes it possible to distribute nearly 12 million meals annually.

Thanks to your support, neighbors like Cindy can visit these partners and access the healthy meals they need to thrive.

“My husband has cancer, and I didn’t know where to turn. [GAP Ministries is] here for the community. They’ve been here for me. They’re not strangers; they’re an addition to my family, and I know I can count on them,” said Cindy.

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