Mobile Market

1 in 9 people in our area struggle with hunger.

For families living in rural or at-risk areas, access to nutritious food is even more difficult. Much of our service territory covers rural or urban food deserts, where grocery stores are few and far between – or non-existent. Families living in these areas must spend extra money on transportation to reach a grocery store, or shop for groceries at local convenience stores with higher prices and few nutritious food options.

Our Mobile Market delivers truckloads full of fresh produce and shelf-stable food to rural communities, food deserts, and other at-risk areas across our area. Local organizations host our Mobile Market at central locations with easy access for families in need, and help to get the word out about Mobile Market distributions.

Change the lives of families in at-risk areas by donating to support our Mobile Market.

Together, we can provide meals for today and hope for the future for families living in rural and urban food deserts.


Make An Impact

Together we make a tangible and lasting impact for children, families and seniors who are struggling in our region. Your support today will fill more plates with food–and hearts with hope.


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