Karla pushes a shopping cart full of fresh and non-perishable groceries.

On a sunny fall morning, Karla and Lilliana visited Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Center in Gloverville, S.C. to pick up groceries and a fresh produce box.

“The fresh fruits and vegetables are the best,” said Karla. Lilliana added that she plans to make healthy smoothies with the produce.

Like many families in our community, Karla and Lilliana have felt the impact of inflation at the gas station and the grocery store. Food pantries like Our Lady of the Valley are helping them keep quality food on the table.

When they receive more food than they need, Karla and Lilliana love helping their neighbors get enough to eat.

“I like helping people. That’s just me. It’s good to be kind,” said Karla.

When you walk into Our Lady of the Valley, you can’t help but notice the fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat on display inside the new windowed refrigerator and freezer. Between shelves of canned and non-perishable kitchen staples, the church stocks more fresh produce, bread, and baked goods.  

Picking up food here feels like shopping in a small grocery store, thanks to a makeover from Food Lion Feeds.

Karla and Lilliana share a smile after loading groceries into their car.

Every year, Food Lion Feeds’ The Great Pantry Makeover campaign awards grants to improve operations at food pantries and help alleviate hunger for families nationwide. Our Lady of the Valley received a $6,700 grant that funded much-needed equipment upgrades, as well as a gift of $3,500 in Food Lion gift cards — so they can provide even more fresh and healthy food to neighbors like Karla and Lilliana.

Joely Leguizamon, site administrator for Our Lady of the Valley, makes sure to greet every neighbor who visits the food pantry. She sees firsthand how hunger is impacting her community. Thanks to the makeover, guests can shop for their favorite fresh and non-perishable foods. 

“Everybody who is coming out is coming out with a smile. We feel honored and blessed that our pantry was chosen for this award,” said Joely. 

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