Our Mission

Golden Harvest Food Bank provides quality food and other grocery products to those in need. We do this with local community support through direct service programs, food pantries, and community education about hunger.

praying together

eating together

giving together

enjoying life together

playing together


Our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ compels us to feed the hungry, and that task unites us with people of every race and creed in a work of love, self-sacrifice, and service.


Food is the only answer to hunger. It is that simple.


Every dollar you donate to Golden Harvest turns into $9 worth of food for a person in need. Of that dollar, $0.96 goes directly to program expenses.


WE = YOU + US. "Feeding Lives Together" describes the only way we can tackle hunger: together, as a community. Without you, it's just us, and that simply isn't enough.


It's exciting to be involved in something inherently good. In everything we do, we make it a point to have fun, smile, and share the unshakable joy of serving others.