That’s how many pounds of food come through our warehouses throughout the year. Distributing that food is our core activity, and our partner agencies help make that happen. We partner with 300+ local hunger relief agencies that provide food to the hungry where they need it most- right in their own neighborhoods.

You can help by donating to support General Need. We distribute $9 of food with every $1 donated, so your gift goes a long way!

Food Flow

Food Donated

Food is donated

Farmers, manufacturers, retailers, government agencies, organizations and individuals donate food and grocery product to Golden Harvest.

Food Donated

Food is sorted

Volunteers at our Faith Food Factory sort and box loose donated items.

Food Donated

Food is stored

Product is entered into our inventory system and stored in our Augusta Warehouse, Aiken Distribution Center, or Upstate Distribution Center.

Food Donated

Food is Ordered

Local nonprofit food pantries and direct service providers order needed items through our online system or hand-pick items in the agency shopping area of their closest distribution center.

Food Donated

Lives are fed

Hungry families and individuals throughout our 30-county service area receive food and grocery product through food pantries and our direct service programs.