Healthy Plate Program

Healthy Plate provides those in need with fresh and shelf-stable foods to support a healthier lifestyle.

For families facing hunger, good nutrition is often out of reach. Many choose unhealthy, cheap foods instead of more nutritious items in order to make ends meet, leading to health problems and increased medical costs. You can help our hungry neighbors get healthy meals by donating, volunteering, or sponsoring our Master’s Table Garden!


Golden Harvest’s Healthy Plate Program provides healthy food to the hungry through partnerships with local farmers, food manufacturers and retailers, partner agencies and community organizations. Healthy Plate sources fresh and non-perishable food that meets established nutritional guidelines and provides it to those in need through our partner agencies and direct service programs.


Of the families we serve, over 85% report purchasing inexpensive, unhealthy foods instead of healthier options in order to cope with financial hardship. This poor nutrition poses a serious threat to the healthy and well-being those we serve. Over 40% of client families have a member with diabetes, and almost 70% have a member with high blood pressure. This leads to increased health care costs for those already struggling to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.


You can help by giving to support Healthy Plate! Your donation will give families in need a leg up with fresh produce and wholesome shelf-stable foods that support long-term health and well-being. If you want to get hands-on, you can volunteer at our Master’s Table Soup Kitchen garden to grow nutritious veggies for soup kitchen meals. We also have sponsorship opportunities for groups, organizations or businesses to sponsor a row in our garden – click below for details!

Garden Sponsorship