Couple Brings Passion For Medical Missions to Volunteering

May 20, 2019

Volunteers Ellen Harvey and her husband, Dr. Robert Murphy, have seen firsthand the struggles that poor nutrition causes for families living in poverty. “You can’t do much in life if you’re hungry. Kids can’t concentrate in school, you can’t survive. The quality of the food you eat is so tied to your health,” Ellen says. The couple […]

How You Helped Hazel Battle Cancer

May 20, 2019

You can see Hazel’s zest for life clearly reflected in her bright smile, carefully applied makeup and colorful clothing. What’s harder to see is that the 66-year-old resident of Warrenton, GA struggles with hunger since the loss of her son and her cancer diagnosis. “When I came down with cancer my whole world changed,” Hazel […]

Spark Change when you Shop at Walmart

May 17, 2019

1 in 6 people in our area face hunger. But you can help #FightHunger at your local Walmart and online! From April 22 – May 20, there are two easy ways to “Fight Hunger and Spark Change” in our community:   1. Buy Participating Products: Purchase specially marked products in Walmart stores, and the manufacturer […]

Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know

January 22, 2019

Do you need food assistance? If you have been affected by the government shutdown, please reach out to us for help. Online: Visit our Get Help tool online to find food pantries in your area, and call the phone numbers provided for their hours of operation and food distribution schedules. To visit a food pantry, […]


January 14, 2019

Dear Friends, It’s a brand new year, and a new chapter for Golden Harvest! I shared with you in August how the Food Bank engaged in a rigorous strategic planning process last summer. Now it’s time to put that plan to work. As members of our Golden Harvest family, I wanted to share our vision […]


January 14, 2019

Brendan LaFavor smiles as he steps down from the forklift to begin loading a pallet with cans of sliced peaches. “I love staying busy,” he says; “I can’t stand just sitting around. That’s why I love this job.” Brendan, a Columbia County native, first discovered Golden Harvest Food Bank when he heard about The Master’s […]

Pollinator Garden is a Buzzing Attraction

January 14, 2019

Nestled along the wall of muscadine vines, right behind the herb garden is The Master’s Table Garden’s newest home for garden-friendly bug of all kinds – a pollinator garden. ‘A pollinator is an insect that pollinates plants,” said Ashley Gutierrez-Siler, Golden Harvest’s project manager. “The idea is that it will attract good insects – bees, […]

How You Help Gloria With Fresh Produce

January 14, 2019

“It’s easy,” Gloria says, launching into a beef, squash and zucchini scramble recipe she says is to die for. “You cut the top and bottom off and slice it long ways, then cut it in chunks and into the frying pan.” Gloria is toting a box of yellow crookneck squash she picked up from Golden […]

Columbia County Pantry Gets Game-Changing Makeover

January 14, 2019

When Evelyn steps into Christ Central food pantry, her face splits into a wide smile as Food Pantry Director Christy Brown greets her by name and folds her into a hug. “This has really helped us a lot. They help with diapers, food…it helps us get by,” she says. Evelyn lives with her husband, son, […]

You Give New Hope To Sally and Her Grandchildren

August 14, 2018

Sally jokes happily with a fellow volunteer as she deftly packs a box of food at Sardis Baptist Church Food Pantry. From her sunny demeanor, you would never guess what her family has been through, or that they will be receiving a food assistance themselves at the end of the day. “This place got us […]