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Hunger Action Month

September 01, 2019

No one can run on empty. Without enough to eat, parents in need can't work to build a better life for their families. Kids who face hunger can't concentrate in school. And senior adults struggling on a small income can't maintain a healthy lifestyle and body.
September is Hunger Action Month! Help to fill empty plates- Take action in the fight against hunger by raising awareness, donating to end hunger, and becoming an advocate for the voiceless in our community.
DONATE HERE - make a one-time donation to your favoriet program or become a monthly sponsor to fight hunger all year long.
GAIN KNOWLEDGE - Follow Golden Harvest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for information about upcoming drives and to learn more about our programs and agencies.
BECOME AN ADVOCATE - On Hunger Action Day, September 12th, - share what you couldn’t do without adequate nutrition by writing on an empty plate, “On an empty stomach I can’t ______,” and filling in the blank with something you couldn’t achieve without the nutrition we need to thrive. Photos can be tagged on social media to @goldenharvestfoodbank