Couple Brings Passion For Medical Missions to Volunteering

May 20, 2019

Volunteer Ellen Harvey sorts food at our Aiken Warehouse.

Volunteers Ellen Harvey and her husband, Dr. Robert Murphy, have seen firsthand the struggles that poor nutrition causes for families living in poverty. “You can’t do much in life if you’re hungry. Kids can’t concentrate in school, you can’t survive. The quality of the food you eat is so tied to your health,” Ellen says.

The couple regularly participates in medical missions that aid impoverished families in rural areas of the United States. “We see so many metabolic syndrome problems, which are an outgrowth of poverty and not having information about how to eat healthy,” Ellen explains. When they moved to Aiken, SC from New Jersey, the semi-retired couple wanted to volunteer at a place where they could help those in need get good nutrition. So they started volunteering at Golden Harvest’s Aiken warehouse.

The couple helps sort food and operate the Aiken Agency Shopping Area, where local food pantries come to shop for food. They love being active and making a difference through their volunteer work.

“The people here are wonderful to work with, and every dollar that is run through this organization is spent carefully,” Ellen says. “Aside from air and water, food is a basic essential need that everyone has, and we love helping to provide that here.”