January 14, 2019
Dear Friends,

It’s a brand new year, and a new chapter for Golden Harvest!

I shared with you in August how the Food Bank engaged in a rigorous strategic planning process last summer. Now it’s time to put that plan to work. As members of our Golden Harvest family, I wanted to share our vision for the next five years with you.

We’ll be moving forward in five strategic areas: company culture, health, community partnerships, fundraising and innovation.

Highlights of our plan include expanding our Master’s Table Soup Kitchen Garden, continuing to improve the health of the food we provide to those in need, revamping our Outreach efforts, and investing in better technology. We’ve already begun to move forward in these key areas by purchasing a plot of land to expand our Garden, bringing a new Director of Community Partnerships on board to head up our Outreach work, and updating our company-wide technologies. The next year will see many more exciting changes as we work to provide food for a better life to those who need in most in our community.

During the Strategic Planning process, we were able to revisit and re-affirm our mission, vision and values here at Golden Harvest Food Bank. Our mission, Feeding Lives Together, drives our new company-wide vision: Inspiring Healthy Change, One Meal at a Time. Our values of Faith, Service, Health, People and Community beautifully express the braiding of our past ministry, present work and aspirations for the future. To learn more, visit our mission page.

Thank you so much for your support of our efforts. We can’t wait to continue to share our plans as they unfold in exciting ways, and look forward to Feeding Lives Together with you in 2019.

God bless you,

Travis McNeal

Executive Director