Columbia County Pantry Gets Game-Changing Makeover

January 14, 2019

Food Lion Feeds volunteers helped distribute food at Christway Christian Church food pantry in Columbia County, GA., after the pantry received a makeover grant and 1,500-pound food donation from Food Lion.

When Evelyn steps into Christ Central food pantry, her face splits into a wide smile as Food Pantry Director Christy Brown greets her by name and folds her into a hug.

“This has really helped us a lot. They help with diapers, food…it helps us get by,” she says. Evelyn lives with her husband, son, and two grandchildren aged 2 and 4. Her husband suffered a heart attack a few years ago and is now unable to work.

As Evelyn moves through the line, volunteers from Food Lion help her to select a box of food and fill a bag with fresh produce.

“It’s so nice to get the produce. Sometimes it lasts us through the whole month,” Evelyn explains.

Christ Central food pantry began serving the hungry in Columbia County in 2000 when Christy’s passion to help others spurred her to start this ministry. “We see so many who need it; the elderly, single moms with kids, people who are out of work, have physical problems…I don’t want to see anyone go hungry,” Brown says.

And the need is evident – Brown says that some people even walk to get to the food pantry, many with canes or walkers. She says that the main emotion that people who come for help display experience is embarrassment. “Some come in in tears because they don’t want to ask for help. We tell them, you are not alone- so many at this church have benefitted from food pantry items. We get to know their needs, take an interest in their life. It lessens the shame,” Brown says.

What began as a small operation run out of one tiny room has turned into a full-scale food pantry that serves about 130 Columbia County Residents each month with the help of over 25 volunteers.

And thanks to Food Lion, this food pantry recently became bigger and better than ever before. Christ Central was selected for the Great Pantry Makeover and received x. it will help in x ways. Food Lion Volutneers also helped distribute food at CC…

Food Lion Retail CSRA Specialist Craig Smith says that it is a humbling and rewarding experience to be able to help others in times of need.

“I’ve never had to make a choice between rent and food, but these folds make it every day. It’s great that Flood Lion and Golden Harvest can provide this food to help,” Smith says.

The Christway Christian Church food pantry is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. To volunteer, donate or learn more visit or or contact Christy Brown at