From Travis’ Desk: Planning for a Stronger, Healthier Tomorrow

August 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

Summer is a time when many of us make space to step back, renew, and recharge for the busy school year ahead.

Here at Golden Harvest, we also stepped back this summer to envision where we are headed as an organization and plan for a strong, healthy future. Our team recently completed a rigorous Strategic Planning process and together, we created an exciting and powerful plan to create more impact on our community in the years ahead.

I wanted to share a few of the key points from our plan with you, our Golden Harvest family.

First, we have formalized our mission statement of “Feeding Lives Together.”

This phrase contains the kernel of what we are doing every day here at the food bank. ‘Feeding’ – providing food to those who are hungry; “Lives,’ seeking to nourish the whole person so that families in need can lead happier and healthier lives; and ‘Together’ – alongside all of you, without whom we could never achieve this transformative work!

We also created a new vision statement that encapsulates our commitment to the future: “Inspiring Healthy Change, One Meal At A Time.” This vision reflects our continued commitment to providing healthier foods to those that we serve, so that families struggling with hunger have the wholesome nutrition they need to lead healthy lives and break cycles of poverty.

Our Strategic Plan contains many strategies for promoting healthy change in our community, including sourcing more healthy foods, providing nutrition education to those we serve, and expanding the Garden at The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen.

A big thanks to everyone who participated our stakeholder survey email a few months ago – your input informed and illuminated the planning process, and we were honored to bring your passion and great ideas to the table!

We are excited to share more with you in the months ahead and work with you during this exciting time to create IMPACT in our community.

Travis McNeal

Executive Director