Fresh is on the Menu at The Master’s Table

August 14, 2018

Volunteers prepare fresh bell peppers for a dish in the kitchen at The Master’s Table

When you look at The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen’s brick façade on Fenwick Street, you wouldn’t guess that a well-tended oasis of raised beds and fruit trees is just a few yards away. But take a peek around the back of the building and you’ll see a vibrant garden that produces hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables each year.

And Rob Arsenault, our soup kitchen’s Head Chef, is hard at work every day to incorporate the terrific yield from the garden into dishes for our guests. He loves the easy access to nutritious ingredients that the garden provides. “Here at The Master’s Table we’re blessed, I can walk outside and pick fresh herbs from our garden every single day,” he says. “The garden is going really well this year.”

The staff and volunteers at The Master’s Table love getting creative with combining the food items we receive through donations and the fresh produce from the garden into something delicious.

Lunch is served, complete with nutritious lean beef and corn!

For example, when Golden Harvest received a large donation of light mayonnaise, Chef Rob got inspired and whipped up a fresh herb sauce with mint and dill from the Garden. The sauce made a delicious topping for that day’s entrée. Being creative is easy, he says; “If I don’t have exactly what I need, I can just go outside and see what looks good.”

And with so many great options on hand, from zucchini and rainbow carrots to pumpkins, and pear trees, there is a lot to work with – and a lot to tend and harvest, which is why volunteers are always needed in the garden!

Click here to see upcoming Garden Volunteer Days and more info. Email with questions or to sign up.