Farm Carries On 3 Generations Of Produce Donation Partnership

June 1, 2018

Phil Sandifer and Sons Farms General Manager Scotty Sandifer and his son, Irrigation Specialist Denver Sandifer, show off a cucumber field.

Denver Sandifer represents the third generation of a family who has cultivated, cared for, and lived on the land surrounding Blackville, S.C.

Phil Sandifer and Sons Farms has been supplying beautiful fresh produce to our local marketplaces for over 75 years, says Scotty Sandifer, the Farm’s General Manager. The farm produces cantaloupes, cucumbers, green and yellow squash, and watermelons in abundance.

But changes in the produce market mean that sometimes, excess or aesthetically imperfect produce is at risk of going to waste. After hearing about Golden Harvest’s produce rescue program several years ago, the Sandifer family knew they wanted to be a part of it.

When Scotty was a child, the family took a trip to Argentina and saw the poverty in its rural areas. “That really opened our eyes to those who might be in need in our area, and made us think, ‘What can we do here?’” Scotty says.

So when his father Phil learned how Golden Harvest partners with local farmers to reduce food waste and feed the hungry by collecting produce that would otherwise go to waste, he was on board. The Food Bank utilizes its trucking and warehouse infrastructure to quickly distribute donated produce to those in need, while the produce is still at its freshest.

Phil Sandifer and Sons Farms donated enough produce for 570,784 meals to help feed the hungry last year.

“It gives us joy to know that if we have any extra product, we can put it to good use in the community,” says Scotty; “That extra product doesn’t go to waste and we know that somebody out there is not going hungry anymore.”