Soup Kitchen Meals Got Us Through

January 11, 2018

Kharleema and her two youngest daughters enjoy a meal at The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen.

It’s a busy lunch hour at The Master’s Table Soup Kitchen, but Kharleema does not seem to notice.  The 27-year-old mother sits down with her daughters, ages four and three, and lovingly arranges the food on their plates. Kharleema first visited The Master’s Table at the age of 15 and is thankful for how it currently provides for her family.

While Kharleema has a small income now, she previously relied on The Master’s Table to feed herself and her two youngest children every day for two months. She has an older son and daughter as well. Both receive free meals at school.

“We really depended on this- if it were not for Golden Harvest and The Master’s Table, we would not have made it,” Kharleema says; “These meals got us through, and I appreciate it so much.”

Kharleema grew up in Philadelphia but moved to Augusta as a teenager with her mother. At times she relied on The Master’s Table for meals as her mother struggled to make ends meet. She remembers the friendly service she received in her early visits, which is what keeps her coming back with her own children when she needs to.

“I feel loved here,” explains Kharleema; “It’s the wonderful people who are here that make a difference. There is a lot of love in Augusta.”

Kharleema also appreciates the healthy meals served at The Master’s Table. “The food is good, the kids love it, and they get the nutrition they need to be healthy,” smiles Kharleema; “It’s great to know I can count on this.” She has enjoyed sampling the fresh vegetables that our volunteers help to grow in The Master’s Table Soup Garden and add to soup kitchen meals, including peas, carrots and turnip greens.

Because of your gifts and the hundreds of wonderful volunteers that serve at The Master’s Table, we can provide 300 meals a day year round to families like Kharleema’s. Visit to find out how you can help!