From Travis’ Desk: Making An Impact in 2018

January 11, 2018
As we step into a new year, I want to take a moment to celebrate all the ways your support helped transform our community in 2017. I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I consider how many lives we changed together last year.

Because of you, we provided 14.5 million meals to the hungry in our area, including almost 4 million pounds of fresh produce. We provided weekend food to almost 4,500 children, a monthly box of groceries to 700 seniors, and served about 100,000 hot meals at our Master’s Table Soup Kitchen.

None of this would have been possible without you – without your compassion, your time, and your gifts. When we celebrate the impact Golden Harvest makes on our community, we are celebrating YOU!

As we begin a new year of Feeding Lives Together, our focus is on maximizing that impact in 2018. ‘IMPACT’ is the Food Bank’s focus this year, as we ask the question: How can we make the most impact for good in our community so that the lives of those we touch are changed for the better?

On an organizational level, this means that we are committed to using the resources made possible through the generosity of our supporters in the most impactful way. It means honing our strategic goals with the help of input from our community partners, board members, and nationwide network of food banks. It means continuing to produce measurable results that achieve our goal of ending hunger in our community and to report them with transparency and accountability.

On a personal level, this means maximizing our impact on the individual lives of those we touch by working to understand and help them in ways that are effective, personal, and lasting. It means providing an accessible food hub for the homebound disabled individual who is facing hunger, or providing healthy food options to the diabetic senior who is struggling to make ends meet.

That kind of personal impact is the beginning and end of our work here at Golden Harvest. Our goal is to ensure that those facing hunger, no matter what their situation, are served in a way that brings change and a better life. We can transform our community, one meal at a time.

We are so incredibly thankful for your support, and look forward to sharing the joy of changing lives with you in 2018.

Travis McNeal
Executive Director