Scam Alert

October 22, 2015

Attention: Partner Agencies

Several agencies in Georgia have been contacted by an organization called “Feed America Miracles” that claims to be associated with Feeding America. The organization claims to have food, toys and clothes to give away if the agency will pay a fee – somewhere around $250-300 – to cover the taxes or to transport the food. The organization has asked agencies to make this payment to a PayPal account. An agency that paid the fee never saw anything in return.

The organization is not associated or sanctioned by Feeding America. They are using this website: with Feeding America’s logo. They have also used pictures from other food bank websites of trucks with the Feeding America logo to appear that they are part of the network, and have copied language from the Mid-South Food Bank in Tennessee and pasted this onto their website.

If any of the food bank’s agencies have paid money to this organization and the organization has defaulted on what they said they would do, the agency should consider contacting the Georgia Attorney General’s office.

While most of the complaints were in Georgia we wanted to be sure that all of our Partner Agencies in Georgia and South Carolina were aware of this scam!

With Warm Regards,

Kimberly Robinson

Director of Outreach

(706) 736-1199 ext. 219

(706) 840-6694 cell