Summertime Food is a Life Saver for Families

July 30, 2015


Karen, a senior caring for 4 grandchildren, found help for her family at Golden Harvest Food Bank’s first-ever ‘Beat Summer Hunger’ food distribution. “I live on a fixed income. For me, this food is the bridge between paying all my bills and feeding my family,” she explained as she waited to receive food, her arm around her granddaughter. The second grader volunteered, “It feels good to get food!”

Bridging the Meal Gap

This family and many like it sought help at ‘Beat Summer Hunger’ next to the James Brown Arena in Augusta, GA on Saturday, May 30th. Golden Harvest planned this event to help alleviate the “Summertime Meal Gap” created when children are home from school for the summer and families have extra mouths to feed.

Golden Harvest Executive Director Travis McNeal said of the event, “So many at-risk families have to make big sacrifices to get enough to eat during the summer. We want them to know that there is help available.” This year, ‘Beat Summer Hunger’ served 319 families and provided enough food for 13,300 meals with the help of volunteers from Concerned Women, Bank of America, and Dance Extreme.

Celebrating our Community

“This is a life saver,” said a father of 2 after receiving food; “Food stamps don’t cover the whole month. This helps.” He is grateful for the community support which makes this help possible, saying, “When I see someone asking for food for a food drive, I always give something because you are helping me. You have to share.”

Golden Harvest celebrated our community’s sharing spirit at ‘Beat Summer Hunger’ when a Bank of America representative presented the Food Bank with funds which our supporters helped to raise. Our community raised $24,000 during the November ‘Give A Meal’ campaign, and Bank of America matched your gifts with $2 for every $1 donated!