From Travis’ Desk: When We Take Action, We Give Hope

July 30, 2015


Join the Movement

This September, a movement is sweeping the nation. People and organizations across America will unite to fight hunger in honor of Hunger Action Month. Hunger Action Month is about taking action to make a real and lasting impact on our efforts to feed the most vulnerable members of our community. In our service area, that includes over 250,000 seniors, children, and individuals who are food insecure.

These folks are confronted with challenges, whether financial or physical, that keep them from getting what is most essential to a better future: food. Without sufficient food, children do not get the nutrition they need to develop and grow. Seniors are left weak and prone to expensive illnesses that compound the problem. And parents can’t concentrate on working to stabilize their families on an empty stomach.

Golden Harvest is taking action to provide these people with help and hope through FEED Augusta, an anti-hunger initiative in partnership with Morris Communications. As part of this initiative, you will see buildings around the CSRA lit orange, the color of hunger awareness, during the month of September. Local banks, businesses, and churches will join together in lighting their buildings orange to express their solidarity with those who face hunger and their resolution to help make a change—and work towards a hunger-free community.

Food for a Better Future

You, too, can be part of the movement. Unlike many issues, hunger is one that can be solved. Here at Golden Harvest, we see progress every day. We see how the food we provide empowers people to learn and flourish, stay healthy, and build a better life. Thanks to creative strategies and new partnerships, we are able to feed more people every year than ever before. But this progress is only possible with your help.

I urge you to join us in making a difference during Hunger Action Month, and help us to meet our goal of raising $100,000 to provide 335,000 meals to the seniors, children and families who struggle with hunger in our neighborhoods. Volunteer with us, make a donation online, and help raise awareness of the need for food in our own backyard.

When we work together as a community, we can be the solution to hunger. Together, we can feed people, change lives, and see the transformation that comes about when hunger ends.

God Bless You,

Travis Signature