Summer Water Breaks

July 29, 2013
When I was in high school, I was a part of the football team – (which was in the early eighties to give you a time reference); and I remember our coaches loved to toughen us up by depriving us of water. They would make it seem that water breaks were for sissies.   But let’s dial forward to present day.  Today water breaks are mandatory and scheduled, and coaches have made it a priority to install engineer designed PVC pipe and squirt hoses for their players to ensure that they are hydrated.   Sometimes, I think that leaders today, try to be macho by hunkering down and “thirsting” their selves of the influence of other great leaders.  We shouldn’t act tough and pretend that we know everything that there is to know.   Recently, I have made the decision to increase my “water breaks” beyond the regular educational reading, seminars and business luncheons. Eventually, I want to find a personal coach/mentor who can help keep me constantly hydrated.   I’m looking forward to this exploration where I can exercise faith and experience growth. I’m calling all leaders to hydrate yourself and quench the thirst.   Grace & Blessings, Travis